Baby Brea

This baby girl is beyond gorgeous. It was hard not to want to just sit and snuggle her instead of taking her photos. Ha. I love newborns. They are some of my favorites even if they make me want another baby! Brea is amazing, and so is her adoring big sister, Maisyn. I have photographed Maisyn since before she was born and she is growing into such a beauty queen. It kills me how gorgeous both of these girls are! We were hiding these photos from the dad, so that mom could get a print of Brea smiling in the red floral, but dad snuck a peek at the photos when I got them to mom. What a sneaky punk! Oh well, it’s their favorite photo too and will be large above her crib! I can’t wait to get a photo of that! Enjoy looking at one of the cutest babies in the world!


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