The Maxwell Family

This gorgeous lady is SO SO SO talented! She made the beautiful cakes for our dinosaur party. I love getting to work with other creatives- especially when I can get them a few updated headshots at the same time! Her boys are so much fun! They were ridiculously easy to work with, and just so vibrant and full of life. There was a lot of laughing involved which makes me so happy to see in photographs. It was super hard to narrow down this gallery and it was my first time shooting at Tibble Fork since it was redone! Thanks for braving the cold, Maxwell family! And be sure to check out rockstar cakery- Instagram, Facebook, and her website.


The Hall Family

Oh my goodness. This family. The cutest ever. And Alyssa, holy crap. Doesn’t she look like a freaking MOVIE STAR?! It’s ridiculous how pretty she is. She is also an amazingly talented hair and makeup artist! Here is a link to her instagram. She did my hair and makeup for my last family photos, and I felt gorgeous. Seriously guys, hire a hair and makeup artist for your sessions! It makes you feel amazing! How cute are their kiddos too?

The Gifford Family

It was so fun for me to see how much this adorable family has grown in 6 months! I got to do sweet little Alice’s newborn photos and loved getting to know them! The fall colors were beautiful and we successfully managed to get a photo of two dogs, one baby, one toddler and a kitten and make everyone look good (well, the kitten is looking away but that’s okay). Love this family!!!

Flamingo Birthday Party

Gosh this party is one of my new favorites. My own little birthday present decided this year for our party, she wanted Flamingos. And for everything to be pink. I’m not a pink type person. But I did it anyway. Everything was kind of thrown together last minute to be honest. The only thing I had done before one week, was her birthday invitation that I designed and glued feathers onto (cell phone photo included of the invite).

I used the greenery from my son’s dinosaur birthday party in July, and we found everything flamingo that we could. Since fall has started we couldn’t find very much stuff that wasn’t online- and it didn’t leave time for shipping. So we had to get a little creative with decor this time around.

I found an adorable cake topper of a flamingo online, but it was expensive and they were out of stock. So I had to decide to make one myself. I spent several hours with tweezers and tiny slips of paper carefully gluing them on. He turned out PERFECT though. Then I decided four days before her party that I wanted a table runner for on the table. So I carefully sat and cut fabric to match the flamingos on her birthday party invitation. It was somewhat time consuming but I think it turned out perfect!!! I included a cell phone photo of just the table runner before I finished it!

My absolutely wonderful momma helped make the cakes. I found out that I am AWFUL when it comes to trying to frost things. So she baked the cakes the day before (we were doing family photos with my in-laws) and then a few hours before her party we assembled them. She got all the frosting on and then I smeared it some more to kind of blend the colors up for the ombre. I think it turned out well. The flamingo cupcake cake she made for me was awesome too!

The only downside to the party was we LOVE having our parties outside- and with as many kids that come it’s nicer to be outside where they can be wild and loud. But it was pouring rain the entire weekend so we had to move it indoors. Thank goodness I’m completely set up with lighting to be able to just hand my camera off to someone and know that the lighting will work for all the images.

I can’t wait for our actual birthday this Saturday! She will be 3 and I will be 31! XOXO

Carnival Gender Reveal

How adorable are these two brothers? And guess what? They get another BABY BROTHER!!!! They are so excited to welcome another boy to their little group. How exciting and fun! I love this family and the time I get to spend with them. They have the sweetest little ones and are such amazing people! Congrats!!!! I know momma said she went and bought outfits last minute before the session, but can we get a round of applause for how absolutely perfect and vintage they looked for this session at the Utah County Fair???? Soooooo cute!!!

The Peterson Family

Some of my favorite people are in these images. They are down to earth and real. By far the best moment of the shoot was the boys throwing a live grasshopper down their mom’s shirt. HA. Such spunky kids. There was lots of farting and laughter and just a good evening spent with wonderful friends! I seriously could not narrow this session down further, they were just all so perfect in their own way!