This kid is fourteen. Seriously. You read that right. FOURTEEN. 14. Ridiculous. She’s super gorgeous and has such a beautiful personality. My darling niece has been begging me for months to do a photoshoot of just her, without her twin brother. Luckily, she stayed with Grandma for a few days, so I bribed her to babysit for a night so Mike and I could go out for a movie and told her we’d do a photoshoot in the morning in exchange. Worked out perfectly since her cousins absolutely love her. We only had a short time to do photos, but I love love love how they turned out. She doesn’t look her age at all. We love you sweetheart!

The Pluim Family

Aubrey and I go way back, so I was a bit excited when she told me there were coming from Indiana to visit family and wanted to do a family session! I had only seen photos of her children and I always love meeting old friends’ kids! These kids didn’t disappoint. They are ridiculously adorable and so much fun. They have such vibrant personalities and you can just tell they are happy children!

They wanted a more city feel so we met up at the Provo City Center Temple and did some portraits there with the flowers and walked around the town a little bit! It was early and slightly chilly for the kids but they did amazing! I seriously couldn’t cull the session down any more than I did. They are all beautiful!

Asher – 6 months

I am growing to adore my time with this kid. He’s got the brightest blue eyes and two adorable teeth. It’s been so fun for me to watch him grow and change! He was so happy at the beginning of the session, then suddenly he was mad. Hungry little man. A bottle and voila, we were ready to go again. He’s such a sweetheart and I love seeing him and his momma every 3 months!

The Dahlquist Family

Cara’s family is always one of my favorites. I grew up with her and she is one of the sweetest people I know! They are so photogenic and their kids have such fun & bright personalities! The youngest boy thought it was hilarious to throw pinecones at my husband/assistant (side note, I also found this to be quite funny). The last time I shot their family was when they had a paint fight (click the link to see the session!) and it was beyond adorable! Even without the paint it was still a very fun session! I love spending time with them and seeing their family grow!

Rylie – Senior

Holy cow I cannot believe this girl is a SENIOR. She’s graduating!!! I’ve known her since she was really little, and she has become such a beautiful person inside and out! I’m glad we had the chance to hang out for a little bit and take these photos out by the lake. It was cold and windy, but Riley is a champ and still got in the lake just like she planned… and it was worth it! What a gorgeous babe. So happy for her as she hits this milestone and spreads her wings! Love you Riley!

As a sidenote. I REALLY wish I had some behind the scenes photos from when she has the floral crown on- I was shooting between two huge signs right next to where they load/unload boats. HA. It was such a tight little spot but I think it’s easily one of my favorites!

Vincent Family

I loved meeting this adorable little family! Lena was absolutely wonderful and came to my rescue in March for my son’s birthday. All he wanted was an “awesome robot transformer” cake. Yeah. I don’t make cakes. It was all he asked us for so luckily one of my other ridiculously awesome clients put me in touch with Lena and voila! She worked her magic. He is still obsessed with his cake and likes to look at the pictures of it. Lena is also a bombshell! She’s so beautiful! Lena, your family is perfect! You have such sweet children and I could just see how awesome all of you are together! It’s one of my favorite things to see when photographing families. There is beauty all around, when there’s love at home.


Josie – Senior

Wow, this girl is beautiful. She has such a bright and fun personality and I enjoyed getting to know her. We know her mother through my husbands work. I was amazed to find they both have the same laugh. It’s adorable. I loved them for putting up with my crazy little locations and for sending me awesome behind the scenes shots. I love nothing more than people loving their photos, and getting to see myself working. It’s fun to see! Anyway, this girl is gorgeous and what an exciting time to be graduating!!!!

Michael & Suzie – Engaged

This darling couple threw me for a huge loop. I knew Michael was tall – he’s my best friends brother, so it wasn’t a shocker – but I was just not prepared for the height difference. HA! It took me a few minutes to gather my thoughts and figure it all out. I think the height difference is amazing and definitely unique. It turned out to be such a cute thing about them! They are seriously the most adorable and happy couple though. I’m so glad that they picked me. I know we all say that about almost every shoot, but this one is so true. I love their happy personalities and how genuine they are together. They are willing to go with anything – which includes me stopping in a few random spots. Not once did they look at me funny with “we’re going to shoot HERE?” in their expressions. Parking lot included. That always makes a ridiculously awesome couple. They win in my book. So excited to do their wedding shoots!!!! Love you guys!

Pierre Family

Awol and his beautiful wife Darla, have been friends of my brothers for years. I absolutely adore them and their gorgeous children. They were a blast to shoot and I loved being able to see each kids different personality as I photographed them. We went out to West Mountain to one of his friends farms to do them and the lighting was just magical. Love love love this family! Awol is from Haiti and he and Darla met on their lds mission to florida – how amazing is that? Aren’t they just the most beautiful family ever though?!

Jude – Newborn

Oh my gosh. This kid has the prettiest big brown eyes I have ever seen on a new baby. He was around 3 weeks old and only slept ONCE during the entire session. It’s definitely different to have such an awake baby, but when he’s got as gorgeous eyes as he does, it’s hard to be too upset about having him wide eyed. I loved getting to meet this sweet little family and be able to document such a wonderful time in their lives. Photography is one of my all time favorite things in this world and I love being able to have the ability to share it with others!