Carnival Gender Reveal

How adorable are these two brothers? And guess what? They get another BABY BROTHER!!!! They are so excited to welcome another boy to their little group. How exciting and fun! I love this family and the time I get to spend with them. They have the sweetest little ones and are such amazing people! Congrats!!!! I know momma said she went and bought outfits last minute before the session, but can we get a round of applause for how absolutely perfect and vintage they looked for this session at the Utah County Fair???? Soooooo cute!!!

Krista – Maternity

Doesn’t Krista just have the most perfect baby bump?! I think most people would be jealous of how perfectly round and gorgeous it is! She’s so close to having 3 kids and I couldn’t be more excited for her and her sweet little family! It was a great night for a quick little mini session

Brittany & Ryan – Maternity

I got to know Brittany as a youth. She was always such a doll so I was ridiculously excited when our friend Nicole contacted me and said she was pregnant and coming up for a visit from Texas and wanted maternity photos! She is just as beautiful as she was as a teen and I am so excited for her to become a mother! Doesn’t she just look like a supermodel??? Ryan is an awesome guy and they are perfect together! You will both make amazing parents!

Baby Laiklyn

Gosh this girl is just as sweet as she looks! I loved getting to just sit and snuggle with her for a little bit. She was super mellow and easy to work with- just like her two older sisters were (we will NOT talk about how AWFUL her oldest sisters newborn photos were HA). I love seeing how much siblings resemble one another and seeing families grow! Jen and Josh- thanks for sharing your lives with me. We love you guys!

Baby Kasen

Words can not describe how happy I am that Tedi and Chase are parents!!! Kasen is such a little miracle baby that was wished for for almost a decade (if not longer). He is so loved and it is just amazing to me to see my old childhood friends become parents. He couldn’t have picked a better family to join and I loved snuggling this sweet little boy. Ted and Chase started The Hope For Fertility Foundation¬†you can also find her at her Instagram, Running With Infertility. Check them out, the stories they post are seriously amazing!!!

Now, onto the photos of sweet little Kasen! Isn’t he just the most handsome little guy you’ve ever seen?! And that iron man mask- his dad made it. Yeah. It’s awesome!!!!


Jacquelyn – Maternity

My beautiful cousin drove all the way down from visiting her family in Wyoming to come to my little boys birthday party. So I of course needed to at least get a few maternity photos for her- even if it was just for 3 minutes outside before she needed to leave! Isn’t she just one of the most radiant pregnant women you have ever seen? Even exhausted and after driving for several hours she just looks so beautiful. Brad, you are a lucky lucky guy. And Jacquelyn, thanks for being one of my best friends and always driving a few hours just to visit us! We love you so much and I can’t wait to snuggle that beautiful little girl when she gets here!

Asher – 6 months

I am growing to adore my time with this kid. He’s got the brightest blue eyes and two adorable teeth. It’s been so fun for me to watch him grow and change! He was so happy at the beginning of the session, then suddenly he was mad. Hungry little man. A bottle and voila, we were ready to go again. He’s such a sweetheart and I love seeing him and his momma every 3 months!

Baby Asher

Isn’t baby Asher and his family just deliciously adorable? I loved spending so much time with them. Ford is such an adorable big brother and has so many fun faces. He’s delightful and has curls to go with his awesome personality. Mom is just amazingly gorgeous with her long, perfect hair and beautiful smile, and dad is handsome and proud. I love this little family. Asher has such perfect and creamy skin with beautiful blonde hair. This family just has great hair, great smiles, and are awesome people. I’m glad I get to see baby Asher grow up through the next year! Check out his cuteness!!!

Welcome Baby Asher

Oh my goodness. This family is just adorable. First there is Ford, with those insanely stunning eyes and delectable curls. Now there is new baby, Asher. He’s so handsome and looks so sweet and snuggly. These sessions always make me want another baby even though my little one is only 4.5 months old and I’m not sure I want to do that again. But seriously, guys. That newborn smell. And seeing the way his mom and dad look at him just makes my heart skip a beat. I’m so glad that he is here and that I got to go meet his sweet little face and take photos of them becoming a family of four! Congratulations Ashley and Sundance! You have a beautiful family!

Baby Collins

Isn’t this little girl just the most adorable and squishy little thing you ever saw? She’s absolutely gorgeous just like her momma! Collins slept like a dream and loved to be swaddled- so we became good friends. What a sweetheart. I just love snuggling new baby’s and I adore these photos of this darling little one! And how about that GORGEOUS unicorn and floral quilt from The Cuddly Quilt– I seriously want one for me. So soft and the fabric choices were to die for!!! So jealous over here!