Sam & Hollie – Fireworks and Romance

This beautiful couple are so in love with each other. They are absolutely adorable and when they kiss there are fireworks- literally ;)

I seriously loved getting to know this sweet couple while we did their wedding portraits. Mom wanted big portraits to display on the wedding day so we planned an evening session at the Provo City Center LDS Temple. When we showed up, we surprised them by telling them we had also planned a second location and that we would be lighting off fireworks for it. Luckily no one panicked and they were excited! We also brought some large sparklers! It made for a really fun night even though it was insanely hot outside!

The fireworks were beautiful. We had a few mishaps along the way though. What we thought was a more empty road was surprisingly busy. So the first time Mike lit a firework, a car came by, so he quickly flipped it upside down. A lot of stress later we were back to posing. We only had a few minutes to get all the fireworks shots that we needed so before they were lit we planned out the poses and I just yelled switch at them when I was ready for them to move. It went flawlessly and the first time was the charm!


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