Kinley & Mila

Oh my gosh. These girls are so ridiculously beautiful. They are the perfect mix of both mom and dad with Kinley having her dad’s awesome and quirky personality. Mila (pronounced Mee-lah, how gorgeous is that?!) is turning FIVE and mom wanted some portraits done of her. I of course needed to include big sister, too, since it’s not very often I get to photograph sisters together. I love watching sisters interact with one another- it’s always just so sweet. Sisters always just have such an amazing friendship that just beats all other relationships between kids. I guess brothers have the same type of fun, but let’s face it- they don’t get gorgeous lace dresses and the most gorgeous vintage style boots! I’m officially jealous of this girls boots! I love how so many spots just along the side of the road in one block can give such variety and amazing shots. I love this session so much and I’m so glad when I get to meet my friends kids! Thanks Katelin!!! :)



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