The Parrotti Family

I LOVE this family. Before I had my first kid I started babysitting these little sweethearts. I continued a little bit after I had my baby but slowly had to stop. I’m SO glad I got to see them again! It’s amazing how much children can change within three years. Tori looks so grown up now (and she’s 100% sure she’s taller than me, but she’s not quite there yet). Michael is still as handsome as ever. Eden is so hilarious. She has always made me laugh with her very vibrant personality. And Joy is just a joy- she was still a baby when I last watched them. She was still taking a bottle and not really talking. She’s grown into a beautiful little girl. Gosh I have missed them.

And let’s talk about the parents for a second! They are equally as amazing. In the last year Jared has lost 180 lbs and Laurie has lost 160 lbs. They look AMAZING! I’m so happy for them and happy I could document some new family portraits for them. I really hope they love them! You guys have a very beautiful family and I’m grateful I have the pleasure of knowing you and your children!


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