Brittany, Colton & Zack

This little family is just so adorable. Zack is super awesome, loves Pikachu and being outdoors, and has a very fun personality- he also really loves wooly worms and I do too! I miss my dad finding them for me when I was a kid! I loved getting to meet this adorable little sweetheart and how exciting for his dad to be getting married to such an amazing and beautiful woman! You can see just how much they all love each other. I think that is my favorite part of this session. The love. It’s so strong. And I love little Lamby representing their sweet little Jaxis. So special to have something to represent this little angel for their family portraits.

Knowing Brittany growing up, I was so excited to get to see her again and meet her family! Colton picked out her engagement ring on his own, and he did AMAZING. The sapphires suit her so perfectly. The colors, the warmth and everything about this session just made it a perfect day to spend in such a gorgeous location. This has seriously become one of my favorite spots to just breathe it all in and relax.

I’m so grateful I got to spend the time I did with this family. They are absolutely amazing, and so strong. Such a wonderful example of unconditional love. I loved capturing the raw moments of them just hanging out around the fire. I did forget how unpredictable smoke was, but it adds to the photos. One of my favorite things in the photography world is to capture the real stuff happening. Candid and not always perfect. Brittany, I’m so glad I got to see you and catch up! Life is such a crazy journey. Thank you for letting me peek into your life and sharing your happiness with me! You have a beautiful family! And a special thank you to Zack, for showing me your ridiculously awesome personality. You are one cool kid!


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