Roberts Family

This family made me cry. A lot. I came home from this session and sobbed the entire night. One of the sisters booked the shoot and I didn’t recognize her name so I didn’t think anything of it. Earlier in the week, a friend from growing up that I hadn’t seen in probably 6 or so years posted on Facebook that he has cancer again. I was meaning to reach out and offer a mini shoot for him and his two adorable little ones. I hadn’t done it yet since the week was already insanely busy for me (this was shoot #3 out of 7 between Friday and Thursday). When this guy walked up I kept thinking he looked familiar and reminded me of someone. I kept just thinking he reminded me of my own brother. Halfway through the shoot his sister mentioned that he thought he knew me and it hit me who it was. After that it was a struggle to keep from crying through the rest of the session. I tried to get as many images as I could. This family was a dream though. All the kids were on their best behavior. No one whined about having to hold hands with a sibling or be touching with someone. Not once did I have a kid complain about how I posed them or be grumpy. It was amazing. And their outfits were spot on. I am so beyond grateful I was able to do this shoot for them before Jason started chemo a few days later. It was beyond humbling to document this time in their family for them and I hope that I succeeded in providing images that they will love and cherish forever. If you’re reading this, please say a quick prayer for Jason, his kids, and his family. They are so tight knit and a great support for him, but even they need prayers too. This family is beyond amazing. Really. I’m jealous of how awesome they all are. And they hit the jackpot in the looks department too. Yup- I’m green with envy. I love you guys!


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