Messy Kids = Love

So, while I was taking my sisters family photos, I had my kids there with me. The car was just a few feet away so I left my newborn sleeping in there with the windows down (it was nice and cool, don’t worry). I turned my back on my children for maybe 2 minutes. When I turned around. This happened. Chaos. Dirt everywhere. It’s a good thing they are as cute as they are. But they were both quite angry that I couldn’t wash them up immediately. I’ve never let them play in the dirt like this so they didn’t know how to handle being dirty. We had to mop them up as best as we could with baby wipes in order to get them clean enough to get in their carseats. So funny. I love the images though. I want one of them printed in my living room. My heart just melts looking at it. These kids keep me on my toes.



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