Layla & Scottie

These kids are seriously the most easy and perfect kids to photograph. I have had the opportunity to shoot Layla a few times (my favorite being her getting her gorgeous military momma back) and she is always so wonderful to work with. She goes where you want her to sit or stand and will smile. Most patient child ever (for me anyway, ha!). This was my first time meeting baby Scottie since I’ve spent most of this year on bedrest. What a cutie! His bright smile and curly hair just make you want to squish him he’s so cute! What a beautiful family- I love them so much! Thanks for sharing your kids with me for a little while! I do wish that I had a pullback shot of us shooting the photos in the sunflowers and the little purple flowers. They are both in the same spot and it’s maybe a 3’x3′ spot. The sunflowers have a telephone pole and a green electrical box in the middle of them and it was just a spindly little bush. The little purple flowers is just a small clump of weeds. How beautiful. I’m grateful this location is so close to my house. :)


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