Mommy & Daughter Beach Cake Smash & Mermaid Birthday Party

How fun is it to have your baby on your birthday? I can’t think of a better birthday present in the world! I started feeling contractions 16 days early at around 12:05 on my 28th birthday. This adorable baby girl was born in the afternoon on my birthday (I totally credit that to my grandma in heaven whom she is named after- best birthday present I have ever received in my life)! I think that is so special! So for little Light’s first birthday, we decided to do a cake smash. We had a mermaid birthday party a few days earlier so I had made us matching mermaid skirts (and made a top for her as well). So much fun. She wasn’t quite so enthused by the cake, so I got to eat most of it. But it was fun to do together and it created such special memories! The party was awesome too- the details made it all so perfect! I loved celebrating my sweet little Bug and am excited to have that gift every year for the rest of my life!

Cakes (all three) by the amazing Vanilla House Bakery  (she makes all my cakes)-    website     facebook

Special thanks to Ashlee Fackrell Photography for photographing us at our party (otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to be in the photos with my birthday present) and my awesome friend, Laura, for always being my human tripod for me when I need to be in the shot and will have messy hands! She rocks.





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