These are some of my most valued and prized portraits I have ever done. I had this vision when my son was born and he had the most glorious and perfect blue eyes. They were crystal and filled with so much light. You could see his soul looking into his eyes. When he was two, I finally put my vision in front of the camera. An old costume I had made for a similar shot of my nephew, except with just black. My kid, of course, being the funny little creature he is, pulled a lot of funny faces. But ultimately the one of him crying looking straight into my camera is my favorite shot I have ever had the pleasure of taking. Nothing has ever compared to that shot even though it has been 6 months since I have taken it. The costume; the yellowed newspaper; the smudges of newspaper ink I lovingly smeared on his face; the tear in his eye; the serious look on his face. All of it just came together to perfectly represent what I had seen in my head when he was just a tiny little thing sitting in my arms staring at me with those big, beautiful eyes.


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