The Brame Family

Dana is one of the most beautiful people in the world. She is also strong. Stronger than you could even imagine. She is humble, caring, and one all-around amazing person. I seriously could not say enough about this beautiful friend of mine. This friend also lives in Idaho. Her brother has been in and out of the hospital with medical problems lately and lives in Utah. Dana was coming down for one day and asked if she could come see me. I had a shoot I was doing, so I asked if she had nice clothes for her and the kids and she could just come to where I was shooting and I’d do some photos for her. She was so excited. And so was I, since the photo location was over 30-40 minutes more out of her way than I already was. I was so happy to finally meet the adorable and infamous twins, Linc and Lexi. Man, they are cute and so full of personality! They are so much like my own little boy with so many facial expressions. I love it! So here is my beautiful friends, in shoot number 2 out of 3. :)


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