Rylie & Laura – Carnival Engagements/Family

This couple is adorable. And Laura’s little boy, Eli, is just as cute as a button. He has so much personality it was hard to get any “normal” family shots. Ha. But seriously, what a cute little family. I am beyond excited for their wedding in August. And I am so, so happy that they let me pick their location for their engagements. I have always loved Art City Days Carnival. It’s bright, it’s happy. I’ve had mine and my husbands photos taken there before we had kids. We get a family picture there every year (I have every year since my husband and I started dating actually). I figured it would be the perfect place to do an engagement shoot. And I was right. My only wish, I hadn’t forgotten my macro for the ring shot… and the umbrella for my light. Oops. :) I was SUPER worried about lighting in these, especially towards the end. My husband held my flash for me in a few shots, but it was harsher than I wanted. Thankfully there was a streetlight and the 5D Mark III can handle the lowlight. They still turned out super gorgeous! We did use a flash for the ferris wheel shots though, thanks to Mike for holding that flash for me and being an awesome sturdy, stand!


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