Disneyland, SeaWorld and the Ocean- Oh my!

I feel like I should post photos from our trip to Southern California. We drove from Utah all the way to California in one day. We did 3 days at Disneyland (it was my husbands and both kids first time at Disneyland- and SeaWorld too!), 1 at SeaWorld, 1 at the USS Midway, and 1 at the La Jolla tide pools. I took my camera and basically THAT was my vacation. I love to have good vacation photos. So much better than snapshots. I made it my artistic goal this trip to get beautiful photos. And I did. I love every single photo. This blog post is going to be HUGE. Sorry about that. I can’t possibly narrow it down though. This is why I think people should hire a vacation photographer. Someone to just come and tag along on your trip so that you don’t have to worry about photos. It’s my vacation to have my camera in my hand. I love travel photography. Thankfully I have a very patient, loving husband and a son that absolutely loves the camera. Here are photos of our trip, and a good preview of things you should try to recreate on your next trip to Disneyland (a few of the family photos I had the camera on the tripod and had my brother or sister in law snap the shutter quickly for me, Disneyland is too busy to leave a tripod up with a super expensive camera). My only regret for this trip, is that I had bought my 70-200 2.8 BEFORE the trip. It’s my absolute favorite lens I have ever owned and it would have been much handier for getting photos on the rides.


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