Today I got a little bored. The husband is now sick and while Light was napping, I decided to take Dark outside and let him use the paints that his Aunt Jay gave him for his birthday in March. I haven’t dared before now since the weather has been cold and raining and I definitely didn’t want to chance even trying this inside the house. He LOVED it. That’s an understatement. We were outside for probably two to three hours with him just painting. He even painted my peonies. They are no longer white, but it’s kind of fun to see them painted. He also painted himself. And tasted the paint. I don’t know what it is with this kid, but he will eat anything. Foodwise, it’s a blessing. As far as sand, dirt and paint go, it’s not so fun. He spent the next ten minutes shouting “blech! yuck!” and trying to spit it out. I’m a horrible mother and just photographed it instead of helping. Oops. :) It was a fun day though. If Light wouldn’t sample the paint I would have let her join in the fun, too. Again, lifestyle shoots have to be some of my absolute favorites to do! It is beyond fun to be able to look at these photos and see the details that you may have forgotten!


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