A Little Home Car-Wash Fun

Last Saturday I was still sick, but Dark went out to help his Daddy wash the new car, so I dragged myself and my camera outside to document a few times. I’d take a few photos and then come back inside to the couch until the screeching and laughing brought me back outside. Dark learned to use the hose and would hose the car as his Dad scrubbed, until he turned the hose on his Dad. Highlight of my day. I’m so glad I was able to capture all these photos. They are such a happy memory for me. My kids have the best Dad to let him continue to spray him with the hose just because I told him I wanted photos of his. May his flip flops rest in peace- they snapped as he was running from the hose. Ha! These photos are some of my absolute favorites I have done lately and the keep me coming back to look and laugh all over again.


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