Doughnuts and Cars

Dark is obsessed with cars. Everything about them. The husband had to do some work on our car and Dark wanted to help. I’m glad he went out and I’m glad I had the sense to grab the camera and take some photos both days. That car is the car I’ve had for 8 years of my life. I remember the day I paid it off. We have a lot of memories in that car. We brought both of our kids home from the hospital in that car. It is no longer our car. We traded it in and it was definitely a bittersweet moment. When I took these photos we knew we would be getting a new car within the next year, but we didn’t think we’d do it so soon.

I love that Dark wanted gloves like his Daddy. It made it funny. We also have a very very fantastic neighbor that brings Dark some popsicles and even held Light while he let her nibble on a popsicle too. Thanks Shane for being such an awesome neighbor!

Isn’t it amazing how something as simple as a child eating a chocolate and jelly doughnut can be such a good photo op? I love his mannerisms, his expressions, his attitude. I love how much he loves doughnuts. And I love allowing him to be a kid and make a mess every once in a while. Everyone should take more photos of their children and document their lives for them! These are the things when they are adults that they will want to see! They will want to see that you loved every little thing that they did!


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