Syndie & Jared – Wedding Portraits

About a month before their wedding day, we went out to do their Pre-Wedding Portraits. I HIGHLY recommend getting your portraits done before the big day. It takes a LOT of stress out of your day so you can just relax and visit with the people who joined you. It also makes it so you can be a lot more creative with your photos. Like this. There is no way you could get these shots the day of! It’s hard to even squeeze in the time for all the family photos on the wedding day, but to add in having to make sure you get all the couples shots that you want is just hard. If you are worried about your spouse seeing you in your dress beforehand, you can start out the shoot with a first look and still get to see his reaction to you in your dress.

This couple has by far had one of my very favorite weddings. Everything about their day was fun and unique. They were up for absolutely anything and we got some beautiful shots that they can keep to display forever! And nothing was better than walking into that wedding and seeing all of these beautiful printed and framed shots. Without further ado, here are Sydnie & Jared’s Wedding Portraits! (You can check out their engagements featuring the horses here.)


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