Lambs & Batman

My son, Dark, cracks me up. Seriously. He’s always so funny. His grandparents recently got some lambs and they are living at our house right now. They keep getting out to play with Phillip and he LOVES it. He has named them Hero and Baymax after his favorite movie right now. They are fun pets for him. He loves to Baa at them and give them hugs and yell at them to stop as they run at him.

Phillip’s other obsession is Batman. Has been since he was little. I think that’s our fault, and I don’t feel too badly about it. Anything Batman and he gets so excited. When he was a baby, McDonalds had Batman toys. My mother and I drove all over getting all the toys for decor in his room. One of them is a Batman mask. I have a photo of him on my phone as a baby in his carseat with the mask on his face. One of my favorites even though it’s an iPhone photo- photos are still photos and still spark emotion even if they aren’t the most amazing quality. The other day he managed to get the mask off of it’s spot on the dresser and put it on along with his Batman cape. He was being SO funny with that mask that I just had to get out the camera and snap a few shots of him doing it. I love lifestyle photos. There’s nothing like looking back at photos of your kids just being KIDS. They are some of my all time favorite photos of my little ones. It’s easier to do lifestyle sometimes- you don’t have to bribe your kids and they don’t have to just sit still. They get to do what they want to do! So much fun for both them and you and you get great memories out of it! Take a look at these lifestyle photos:


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