Vintage Nursery

My little’s girls nursery has been planned for quite a long time. When I bought the crib and furniture online about 6 years before I even had children, it came with the bedding and the chair that matched. It had all been custom made. At the time I was not 100% fond of it. But when I became pregnant with my son I fell in love with it. Made me a little bummed to find out I was having a boy until we got started on his Batman Nursery!!! But, when I got pregnant with my little girl I knew I would use it. We picked pink for the walls that matched the floral in her bedding. Then I made the mobile. I knew exactly what I wanted and couldn’t find any like what I wanted. So I made it. I enjoyed making it and may at some point make a few for my Etsy Store. I love to make things. My amazing mother in law made my dress for me. It was my FAVORITE dress while pregnant. It turned out perfect. The pattern was ridiculously confusing so I gave up and she took over. I can not thank her enough for that!

Without further ado, here is my beautiful nursery. I need to update photos of it, since I have put photos in her frames, so ignore the iPhone photo of the photos up.


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