Vintage Baby Girl Shower

For my daughters baby shower, I went with a vintage floral theme. I named her after her Great-Grandmother so I wanted a baby shower and a baby nursery that would reflect the person that I am hoping she will be most like. My Grandmother was beyond amazing in every way. She’s the reason I love photographs and documenting things. She’s the reason I loved to sing and dance. She’s the reason I love pearls and flowers and all things old. She’s the reason I have hoarding tendencies and cry to rip up pretty wrapping paper. She’s the reason I love the smell of irises and the way peonies look more than any other flowers. I think it’s safe to say I loved this woman beyond normal and I miss her desperately. Having my own little Lydia has brought me such happiness. I hope she has the qualities that I miss so much!

For this shower, I had a beautiful hatbox that I use as a photo prop. It screams my grandmother to me, so I took the floral off of it to use for my invitations. I also used it for her baby announcement. You can purchase the set of invite with gift tag and drink label HERE on my etsy store. I gave the floral design to Vanilla House Bakery and gave her complete free reign on this cake. I did not design it for the first time. She did an AMAZING job. I was so in love with all the details. The cake is styrofoam inside (I struggle while pregnant to cut up her gorgeous cakes) so she did cupcakes and cookies. They were BEAUTIFUL. She is always beyond amazing. I don’t know what I’d do at a party without her. My favorite part of parties is waiting for her to drive up and carrying this AMAZING cake up to the front door. It makes the party worthwhile.

And here are the photos of my dream baby girl shower:


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