Indian Themed Baby Shower

Probably should have done this before Dark’s Birthday Post, but I wasn’t thinking that far back until after when I realized that this was one of my absolutely favorite cakes Vanilla House Bakery has ever made for me (although my wedding cake may beat it out, but that’s out of the running because wedding cakes are always amazing!).

This was the baby shower I had for my son. In my true fashion, I can NOT let anyone plan anything for me. So those throwing the shower paid for things, I just had full control and designed and planned it all myself. I’m too OCD to leave details to other people. I can not find my invitation, but it was more plain with an arrow that I embroidered the feathers on each invite in different colors. It was adorable and so much fun. We had cake, I sobbed when it was cut into, we decorated onesies with paint, and we opened gifts. I had a huge turn out, I can’t believe how many people I had in my house at that point- which was scary since we had just moved in two weeks prior to the party. This was one of my favorite parties I have ever thrown though- mostly due to the glamorous cake that Lindsay once again worked her magic on. She’s seriously amazing at cake decorating. I love designing them and seeing them come to life when she shows up the day of the party! Not to mention it is a HUGE stress relief to know that the cake will always be beautiful and always show up the morning of and I don’t have to raise a finger on it. I’m a huge fan of hiring out on these things. But seriously, if you have a wedding or a birthday party, PLEASE for the love of EVERYTHING check out her Facebook Page and hire her. It’s so worth the money to relax and have a gorgeous and tasty cake that is photo worthy every single time.

And now, the photos:


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