Holy Batman, it’s Dark’s First Birthday!

My little one- we shall call him Dark as that is one of his nicknames- just turned two. But his first birthday party is still one that I think about and love to look back at the photos. I took a lot of the details, but hired someone to come photograph the actual party for us so that I could just relax and be apart of it. I will include a few of those photos, and they are by Ashlee Fackrell Photography. She was fantastic to work with. I highly recommend having a photographer come to your kids birthday parties! It’s so nice to just be able to soak in all the memories and not have to worry about the camera! Most all of the photos are mine that I will post, except the ones of him eating his cake and opening presents, those were done by Ashlee. The rest I did either before the party or the next morning (this cake happened to be fake since I was pregnant and knew I would cry cutting up something so beautiful).
All three cakes by Lindsay at Vanilla House Bakery or you can visit her Facebook. Trust me when I say she is AMAZING. She always puts up with all my crazy designs. She has done my wedding, both baby showers, and both of my sons birthdays. I am already getting excited for my daughters birthday in September. Not only are they beautiful, but they taste AMAZING! If you are in Utah, HIRE HER. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!!!!

If you like all the designs I did (I made the invite, drink labels, take home treat labels, etc) you can have me custom make stuff for you! Check out my etsy store, Nuits Étoilées! I have some pre-made logos, and a few invitations listed, but mostly I love to create custom items that are unique to you!

A few extra details, I made the quilt myself for his birthday present. I had it quilted by a girl that lives near me. We also had a Dr Suess birthday book to match that all the guests that came signed a message in his book for him. That is another of our traditions beyond the cake smash in the face.


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